Old Ben

Old Ben bio photo

Name: Ben

Nicknames: “Old Ben” “Ben Kenobi”

Favorite Character(s): Obi Wan Kenobi (duh!), Luke Skywalker

Favorite Film: The Empire Strikes Back

Ben loves Star Wars. Princess Leia was his first crush. John Williams orchestral score was the soundtrack of his childhood. He was the 8 year old running around the yard with a green lightsaber, only coming to the dinner table unless you called him “Luke.” So, yeah, it’s safe to say Ben loves Star Wars.

He stuck with it during the “Dark Times” (aka the 90’s) through the novels and comics and was excited (then not so much, lol!) when the prequel films kicked the cinematic world back into high gear. But quite honestly, there was a reason to be excited because Star Wars was back!

Having a background in music, broadcast radio and voice acting, Ben is excited to work with Rob and Dylan to deliver entertaining and informative content for the Twi’lek Talk faithful!