Disney, stop being d*cks!

Disney has recently received some flack due to their ban on advanced screenings for the Los Angeles Times in retaliation to the Times claiming Disney was extracting tax breaks from Anaheim, where they are located. Disney lifted the ban on advanced screenings shortly after a boycott was called against Disney by outlets such as The New York Times, the A.V. Club and The Washington Post. Also, it is reported several high-profile Hollywood figures disagreed with Disney’s actions causing them to second guess their decision on the ban.

Only a few days before, reports came out that Disney was charging theaters five to ten percent more than average to screen The Last Jedi. The ones who suffer from this greed tend to be small businesses located in less populated parts of The United States. Theatres are being forced to give a higher percentage of ticket sales to Disney, and they must show the movie in the theatres main auditoriums for a minimum of four weeks. Some theatres are taking a stand and refusing to show The Last Jedi at all, in the fear that they will lose money.

Surely Disney is well off with the recent report of the possible acquiring of FOX. They are a multi-billion dollar conglomerate bringing in profits that will put any other company to shame. They have made their Star Wars profits back and then some, so why the greed? Disney, stop being dicks, we want to buy your toys, see your movies and go to your theme parks, don’t get more greedy than you already are. -Rob Solo