Recent Podcasts

Episode 5

In this episode, Twi’lek Talk covers Disney’s D23 2017 weekend and some new theories going around on the internet.

Episode 4

In this episode, the gang talksĀ about the Darth Vader Marvel series, the Han Solo debacle and The Forces Of Destiny animated series. Rob Solo gets heated over the latest Ahsoka Tano news, Ben and Dylan help him through it all.

Episode 3

Another Star Wars podcast to enjoy, because hardcore fiends can never have enough blue milk. Twi’lek Talk Episode 3! In this episode, we talk about the Vanity Fair photos for “The Last Jedi”, Legos, and everything that came out in the month of May. May The Fourth Be With You!

Recent Videos

“Did You Know?” – Akial, The Jawa Jedi

Twilek Talk’s Did You Know – “Akial”, The Jawa Jedi. In this episode of Did You Know, Old Ben talks about the one and only Jawa Jedi ever to exist in the order.

Twi’lek Talk’s “Alien Autopsy” 002: Dr. Cornelius Evazan

Rob Solo performs an autopsy on Dr. Cornelius Evazan in this episode of Twi’lek Talk’s Alien Autopsy.

Twi’lek Talk’s “Alien Autopsy” 001: Ree Yees

In our new content series, “Alien Autopsy”, Darth Dylan guides us through all that is known about the short-lived alien Ree Yees of the Gran species. This video covers both canon and legends lore.