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Episode 10 – “Episode IX” Theories

In this episode:

Rob Solo and Old Ben discuss theories in relation to the upcoming Star Wars Episode 9 film. Fans have quite an imagination with wild speculations and they get into all of that here, in Twi'lek Talk's Episode 10. 

Episode 9 – Solo Rebels

Rob, Ben, and Dylan discuss the Solo trailer. Also, a touching send-off for the Ghost Crew from Star Wars Rebels, they will be missed. ​

Episode 8 – The Last Jedi Review

The Twi’lek Talk crew get together for their The Last Jedi review. Things get hot, but the crew cools down with some blue milk and everything works out in the end.

Recent Videos

Twi’lek Talk’s “Bucket Of Bolts” Chopper

Want to know more about droids and ships in the Star Wars Universe? Join Rob Solo in Twi’lek Talk’s new segment, “Bucket Of Bolts”.

“Did You Know?” – Akial, The Jawa Jedi

Twilek Talk’s Did You Know – “Akial”, The Jawa Jedi. In this episode of Did You Know, Old Ben talks about the one and only Jawa Jedi ever to exist in the order.

Twi’lek Talk’s “Alien Autopsy” 002: Dr. Cornelius Evazan

Rob Solo performs an autopsy on Dr. Cornelius Evazan in this episode of Twi’lek Talk’s Alien Autopsy.